Hello! I'm Paddy Lynch, a cartoonist, illustrator and graphic designer from Dublin, Ireland.

I like to make drawings and images that tell stories and communicate ideas.

Books and comics I have illustrated include: Big Jim (with Rory McConville 2013, the O'Brien Press), My Last Day at 17 (with Doug DuBois, 2015, Aperture Foundation) and my comics series Last Bus (Cardboard Press). I run the monthly Dublin Comic Jam, and publish other folks' zines and comics under the Cardboard Press imprint.


Let's work together!

email: paddy@patrickl.net
phone: 086 399 5654 (irl) or
+353 86 399 5654 (intl)
skype: patrickldub


Work in progress, Week 3

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Woah, I’m sitting here working away and listening to This Town Needs Guns wishing I was a teenager again and could get into this stuff without feeling guilty at the angst and I suddenly realise that I haven’t posted anything to my weekly work in progress series. I’m sure you don’t want to see the lovely annual report that I’m typesetting here, so here’s a couple of pages from a recent sketchbook. An initial sketch for the Les Paul tribute I did a couple of months back and some random heads and faces drawn while on my lunch break in a cafe.