Hello! I'm Paddy Lynch, a cartoonist, illustrator and graphic designer from Dublin, Ireland.

I like to make drawings and images that tell stories and communicate ideas.

Books and comics I have illustrated include: Big Jim (with Rory McConville 2013, the O'Brien Press), My Last Day at 17 (with Doug DuBois, 2015, Aperture Foundation) and my comics series Last Bus (Cardboard Press). I run the monthly Dublin Comic Jam, and publish other folks' zines and comics under the Cardboard Press imprint.


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Back to work!

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Back on the Jim Larkin project! Finally (almost) cleared my desk of ongoing headaches and can get to the corrections and making changes to the first draft.. Rough rough pencils from a panel redrafted right at the start of the book.


Also the Stray Lines project is going really well. Get on over there and preorder the book!

Big Jim Preview 5

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Dark plots are hatched in  the corridors of power. Larkin is released from prison and delivers another of his rousing speeches, a particular quality for which he was well remembered (actual recital begins at about 1:03). I was rather pleased with this page, although in reflection the second panel will probably be redrawn before publication.

Only 12 pages to go on this project and I can begin to think about some new ones in earnest! Have a very special project lined up to see the light of day before the summer that I’m incedibly excited about, but it’s too early to spill the beans.

By the way, you’re keeping an eye on my Tumblr, right? Diary comics, and extra insights into the Big Jim working process are some of the many delights you might enjoy over there.

Big Jim Preview 4

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Big Jim Page 46

Here’s a full page from the Big Jim graphic project. This part if the book deals with a particularly messy incident where the good intentions of individuals actually may have had a detrimental affect on the campaign being run by the perceived ‘good guys’trying to help out the poor and downtrodden. Cryptic? Convoluted? Well it’s another example of the weird relationship between the Catholic church and it’s dominating position in Irish society at the time, and I guess you’ll have to read the book when it comes out or check out those links for your history lesson.

Getting accurate period reference continues to throw up storytelling challenges, but I’m pretty happy with how the setting for this scene came out.

Big Jim Preview 3

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"Big Jim" page 13 Excerpt

Here’s another short sequence from the Big Jim project. I’m not known for any sort of  ‘high octane’ storytelling, so when it comes to action sequences like this (and there are plenty scattered throughout the book) I find the infliuences of my misspent youth reading X-Men and Batman comic books coming into play.

There’s a balance to be struck in a sequence like this. I don’t want to downplay the brutality of  the Dublin Metropolitan Police (who by all accounts acted as little more than hired thugs), but I don’t want to fall into the trap of glorifying the aesthetics of violence, which unfortunately many comics do. Hopefully I’ll strike that balance throughout.