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I like to make drawings and images that tell stories and communicate ideas.

Books and comics I have illustrated include: Big Jim (with Rory McConville 2013, the O'Brien Press), My Last Day at 17 (with Doug DuBois, 2015, Aperture Foundation) and my comics series Last Bus (Cardboard Press). I run the monthly Dublin Comic Jam, and publish other folks' zines and comics under the Cardboard Press imprint.


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The Keystone

TKO Keystone EP Artwork

A few months ago I worked on creating artwork for the upcoming “Keystone EP” by TKO. The whole process was very collaborative with the band having strong concepts for the imagery they wanted to use. There was a fair bit of back and forth before we settled on the final illustration and even then there were several reviews of the artwork but I think the whole project benefitted from the process. I’ve been living with finished artwork for a while now but when I got my copies of the physical cds there was a renewed burst of excitement. No matter how completely you think you’ve envisaged a project, nothing beats actually holding the physical object!

Anyway, the artwork is going to be carried through to all their merchandise and ┬áthe album to follow with artwork picking up where the EP leaves off, so I’m looking forward to getting stuck into that in the near future.

See the cut below for the imagery used in the packaging.

TKO "Keystone EP", front cover artwork

TKO Keystone, inside artwork TKO Keystone EP, Cd and tray artwork TKO Keystone EP, back cover illustration

6 Responses

  1. Love the grey wash on these, the type & packaging looks great. Really enjoyed seeing your progress on this over the last few months, thanks.

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  3. The illustrations are gorgeous and the finished product looks the business… enjoy the warm fuzzy glow of a job well done!

  4. archimedes templar says:

    Beautiful! It’s amazing the way art out of context can look great, but even better in context (i.e. the finished product). Love it.

    • Paddy says:

      Thanks Archie! They were chuffed with it so there’s some similar style illustrations in the works for their upcoming album.

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